After 7 years of running a few pretty successful high traffic thumbnail gallery posts, i start to want more then just traffic, I want quality through out my sites. I noticed over the past couple of years, sites are starting to have skimming, which is ultimately a blind link out without the surfers consent which is not good. Then a few months after that, thumbnail preview tgp's with skimming, man will it ever stop? I don't think so, i think it will get worst and worst, because of webmasters greed to gain more traffic and not let the surfers get what they want without the hassles. Clean Asian Sex now tries to go back, waaay back, when everything was clean, without the tedious complicated scripts of a traffic trade. I want your traffic, but i only want it via hard link, for those of you that do not know what a hard link is, it is a permanent link on your page that tells the surfer CLEAN ASIAN SEX without no click tracking, or a bunch of stupid code in front of my url. I also DO NOT want to be on your trade script. Sure you could track my incoming hits, but i don't want you to send hits out from the script. Of course, if you put a hard link up, i will also put a hard link back up for you. And Trust me, My traffic is VERY Productive because i treat my surfers right. If my surfers decide to go to your site via your link, i could bet that he'll be more then interested in checking your site out. So, if you really want a link on my site, please icq me at 50491715 (I'm usually always online) or email me at jan(removethis) and we'll set something up. Also please add my link on your page before you contact me, so i could just add yours once i verify that my link is up.

Thanks for reading